First of all, I'd like to wish you a wonderful and prosperous holiday season
in Italy, with love and affection from your closest and dearest Italian tour director.
I would like to take this opportunity to inform our valued customers that
over the course of many years in this magnificent profession, I have had the pleasure of attending to hundreds of clients. They have been referred to us through leading American and European travel agencies and deluxe hotels. My suppliers have included business people, lovers of art, those people
passionate about ancient history as well as famous movie stars, to name only a few. They have enabled us to maintain the highest standard of customer service at La Dolce Vita Tours.
On this page, my company wants to share this special dedication to Sir Paul
McCartney and his prestigious band. Their trust gave us the opportunity to offer our limousine service and assistance for their two live concerts in Rome during the summer of 2003.
The English band performed on two separate and very memorable evenings.
The first was held in the Coliseum for just a few lucky spectators. However, on the following night, there was an outstanding public concert staged in Via dei Fori Imperiali. As you can see in the pictures, there were thousands of passionate Beatles fans who were true supporters. Over the course of the concert, they performed many popular songs, staged in a choreographic context.
I would define that evening as one of historic proportions.
My company is proud to announce that Paul McCartney's organization has
greatly appreciated the cooperation and professionalism from our car service at La Dolce Vita Tours.
We tended to their service arrangements and escorted the Liverpool singer and his celebrated band between the renown luxury hotel, the Hassler Villa Medici, to the stage area.
The NUMBERPLATE - CF 569 SK (see the pictures) of our Mercedes V class has
been regularly registered on the ENTRY PASS issued by the local administration to pass through the security restricted area.
I'll tell you more! Paul's band jokingly sang parts of the Beatles' songs
including 'Yesterday' and 'Hey Jude' during their private transfers from the stage area to the hotel. I really had my own private concert!
My dear friends, there are no words I can find to describe the emotional
sensation of that absolutely unique and memorable experience.
La Dolce Vita Tours expresses thanks to Paul McCartney and his band who
entrusted our car service assistance. It was a once in a lifetime event for us.
We are looking forward to offering every future client the same attention to detail that we exhibited to Sir Paul, as all of you are my VIPs.

Fabrizio Petarngeli