"Dear Diane, as mentioned to you last night, we used an outstanding guide named Fabrizio Petrangeli who can be reached at info@ladolcevitatours.com office + 39 06 5204665 - mobile 328 8276828. His English is very good, he drives a new Mercedes, knows Rome as only a native could, understands art, religion, architecture and history plus he's a lot of fun to be around. Strongly suggest you to call him. He also has great recommendations for meals and other activities you can do while there. Hope you have a great trip.

Phil Farley"
Colorado - USA


We offer a most unique opportunity that very few people
will ever experience. Once you are aloft,
you will realize that this vantage point will have you gazing down upon one of the most scenic and spectacular vistas imaginable. Your bird's-eye-view of Rome's beauty will certainly take your breath away in this unforgettable experience. This remarkable trip is officially authorized by the Civil
National Aviation Ministry. Take off and fly with us!

A car will pick you up at your hotel in
Rome and transfer you to the airport of Urbe,
located about 30 minutes from the central
district of ancient Rome.
When you arrive at our air base, you will receive a pre-reserved admission ticket and be
escorted to the aircraft. Your plane will sweep you away for an adventure up and over the natural
beauty, skyline and monuments at 1,500 feet above sea level.
Once at our cruising altitude, and due to the wide, panoramic view offered by a high-winged
aircraft, you will be able to enjoy incomparable vistas. You will recognize the ancient and modern
urban planning of the Eternal City. Countless monuments, churches, sites, domes, piazzas and
fountains will be right below. The views from inside an airplane are like no others.
You can decide whether to fly over the city of Rome, or explore the area of the Roman castles.
You can pass over the summer residence of the Pope, known as Castel Gandolfo.
We'll return to the air base after you have enjoyed your exciting flight excursion of no less
than 25 miles. Each tour lasts for 30 or 60 minutes, which includes take-off and landing time.
Those first-time participants of this fantastic experience will receive a 'First Flight'
certificate as testimony. Let us make your Rome flying experience a unique, memorable and a
once in a lifetime event.

This unbelievable flying tour is for a party of
up to 8 people in a twin engine

This flying tour is for a party of up to
2 people in a single engine CESSNA C 182.

The airline company is officially authorized
by the National Aviation Ministry and has a
large fleet of reliable aircrafts.

They have the correct type and size aircraft
for carrying all kinds of groups of passengers
in accordance with the needs of our clients.

The fee schedule includes air tickets,
private car transfers from the hotel to the
airport and return.

The airline service is available during
daylight hours, from dawn to sunset with
holidays included. However, due to weather conditions, all flights will be confirmed
1 day prior to your trip.

Feel free to contact us for answers to your questions and price estimates.

Party up to 2 p. up to 8 p.  
Cessna - C 182

1 person min.
2 people max

Islander - BN2A

3 people min.
8 people max

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